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All puppies come with up-to-date shots and a health certificate for travel.

Puppy Coat Color:

Chihuahuas may naturally change color as they mature due to various factors, including genetics, hair type, shedding of puppy fur, transition to the adult coat, pigmentation, hormonal changes, seasonal variations, and shaving, among others.

Color changes are normal and can happen quickly at any time. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a dog's permanent coat color. Chihuahuas do shed, and we highly recommend brushing their coats regularly.

Puppy Size and Weight:

We are frequently asked by customers about the anticipated weight of a puppy as it matures. It's crucial to emphasize that we never provide a guarantee for the adult weight of your puppy. This is mainly due to the inherent difficulty in accurately predicting it. However, we do offer an estimate through the Chihuahua Weight Chart. It's important to note that this chart can be inaccurate in many instances. We've witnessed tiny puppies growing into larger-sized adults and vice versa. There are cases where small-sized parents produce larger-sized pups, and large parents can yield some of our tiniest puppies. Our approach is rooted in a continual respect for nature and its ability to surprise us.

If weight is a significant factor in your Chihuahua search, we suggest considering a teenager, over 7 months of age. This age group is more likely to provide a more accurate adult weight estimate. Nevertheless, it's worth noting that we have observed growth spurts in both females and males after the age of 12 months.

In the past, the term "Teacup Chihuahua" was commonly used, but it's essential to clarify that there is no such official classification. Our typical range for adult weight estimates is between 3 1/2 lbs and 6+ pounds. It's important to remember that even a "larger" size Chihuahua is still small when compared to most other dog breeds.

Refusal of Sale:

We want to clarify that we reserve the right to refuse the sale of any dog or puppy to any individual at any given time.

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